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And the Green Grass Grew All Around
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And the Green Grass Grew All Around   by Alvin Schwartz
Alvin Schwartz has conpiled a folklore collection that will delight everyone.  The young at heart will find new favorites to enjoy on the play ground or jump rope chants.  Such as "On top of Old Smoky, All covered with sand, I shot my poor teacher with a green rubber band" and "Mine eyes have seen the glory of the closing of the school".  People who are young at heart, but wise is wisdom will get a laugh out of rereading their old favorites from yester year such as "On top of spaghetti" and the clapping song of "Oh Mary Murple, Murple, Murple".
Schwartz has gathered a wonderful fifteen chapter book about people, school, nonsense, and fun and games.  It is sure to 'Teases and Taunts' (Chap 4) you and give your imagination a 'Work' (Chap 7) out.
Schwartz has included two, a notes and source, sections at the back about different kinds of poetry that are in the book and a listing of sources and variants to some of poems in the book.
After reading, if your not rolling around with tears you may need to check your may have gone missin.
Sue Tresdell has done a fabulous job of creating characters in black and write that add to the funny tone of the book.  The opened-eyed, hilariously posed and mostly always on the move charcters are just the right touch for poetry.  Pictures such a boy running with his pants of fire because he has been called a liar, to the elepants coming "six by six, some on crutches, some on sticks," to kids running after the pig-tailed girl with ice cream.
Favorite Quotes:
"'Ball three!" the fans yelled with delight.
"Strike two!" the umpire said.
I knocked the next ball out of sight--
Then fell right out of bed." (p.66)
"Don't say it, don't say it!
Your mother will faint,
Your father will fall
In a bucket of paint." (p33)
"Now I lay me down to sleep,
My hotrod parked across the street.
If it should roll beforebefore I wake,
I pray the Lord to use the brake." (p.164)
Schwartz, Alvin.  1992.  And the Green Grass Grew All Around: Folk Poetry  from Everyone.  Illus. by Sue Truesdell.  USA: Harper Collins Publishers.  ISBN:  0060227575.