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A Lucky Thing
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A Lucky Thing  by Alice Schertle
Poet Alice Schertle takes us through the creative process of writing by inviting us to look at farm life through the eyes of a young girl as she writes poems.  The girl begins her day writing ("on this/clean/white page/I'll scatter some words/and watch them grow.") while sitting at a desk in the barn with pad, pencil, and a computer mouse.
The poems in between the first and last are poems about the farm life such as the "Calling the Sun" in which ("says a rooster's ready and the sun/may rise") to a "Scarecrow"  who ("saw the rising moon/...observed with more than painted-on surprise/a black snake flow like water down a hole,") to the grazing sheep that ("start moving off/across the meadow/and all/the others follow,/just like sheep."). 
Schertle concludes with "Writing Past Midnight" with  touches of personification:  ("spider webs anchor the edge of my desk to the floor/a small gray verse runs squeaking down one of the rafters/just as the moon floats in through the double barn door.").
Illustrator Wendell Minor has added his own little touches of the writing process to each of the realistic watercolor pictures.  On the cover, a comical stand-off, between a real-life mouse and a computer mouse.  Inside a pencil and pen just happen to find their way into the scarecrow's overall pockets and a piece of paper, with the first words of the poems, can be found on just about every page.
Most of the poems are outlined with a gray stripe, opposing it's illustrated picture, which gives the book a clean and crisp look.
Schertle, Alice.  1999.  A Lucky Thing.  Illus. by Wendell Minor.  San Diego:  Harcourt, Inc.  ISBN:  0152005412.


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