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The Sweetest Fig

The Sweetest Fig by Chris Van Allsburg
Monsieur Bibot, a dentist, is given two magical figs by a old woman who could not pay to have a tooth removed.  Bibot takes the figs which could help make his dreams come true.  The unkind pet owner takes the figs and begins to realize that the old woman wasn't crazy.  Bibots dreams start to become reality.  On his way to becoming the world riches man, Bibot plans go astray when Marcel, his dog, eats the last fig.
Chris Van Allsburg's wittiness comes alive again in this funny tale of a prim and proper man who only thinks of himself and not others.  The illustrations of the gray and brown colors add to the feelings and emotions of the characters.  Readers can actually see the anger in Bibot when he clinches his fist in front of the old woman because she could only afford to pay with figs.  Wonderful character expressions and clean line illustrations plus the simple vocabulary add to this hilarious story of a narcissistic man learning new tricks.
The plot of how do our dreams come true leaves the reader wondering just that. How can we make our dreams come true? The cold-hearted French dentist, Bibot learns that thinking only of yourself will not get you very far in life.  The magic to making our dreams come true is treating others the way we want to be treated.
Favorite Quotes:
"'They are admiring my suit', he thought. But when Bibot saw his reflection in the window of a cafe, he stopped in horror.  He was dressed only in his underwear."
"'Time for you walk," it said.  "Come to Marcel."  A hand reached down and grabbed him.  bibot tried to yell, but all he could do was bark."
Van Allsburg, Chris. 1993. The Sweetest Fig.  Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. 
   ISBN: 0-395-67346-1.

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