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Marla Roundtree created for a TWU class
Final Project
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    I have decided to do my final project on Thanksgiving books.  I chose this topic because I wanted to do something with Early American History and this seemed like a reasonable topic.  When we talk about Thanksgiving, we talk about it's beginnings in the early 1620s.  I have also included stories that talk about things that we associate with Thanksgiving such as: pumpkins, pilgrims, and Indians.
     I am a history inspired person and take great pride in coming from the state of North Carolina.  I grew up about 70 miles from where Virginia Dare, the first English child born in America, was born; and about 90 miles from where the Wright Brothers flew the first airplane. 

Thanksgiving Books
1.  Barth, Edna.  1999.  Turkeys, Pilgrims and Indian Corn: The Story of the Thanksgiving 
             Symbols.  New York:  Sagebrush Education Resources.  ISBN:
             0613301684.  (Grades 1-4).
   This book gives an overview of the history of several Thanksgiving Symbols such as the turkey, cranberry and the horn of plenty.
2.  Brown, Marc.  1983.  Arthur's Thanksgiving.  New York: Little, Brown, and Company.                    ISBN:  0316110604.  (Grades 1-4).
    Arthur finds himself as the director of the Thanksgiving play at school.  All the parts are assigned, except the turkey.  No one volunteers for the part.  If you want something done right, you may need to do it yourself. That's just what Arthur does.  He holds the play together by being the director and the turkey.  Marc Brown has given us another picture fantasy book to add to our collection of the life and times of Arthur.
3.  Bunting, Eve.  1988.  How Many Days to America?  Illus. Beth Peck.  New York:                      Clarion  Books.  ISBN: 0899195210. (Grades 1-4)
    This is a story of refugees, in the Caribbean, who left late on night for a better life in America.  Their struggles to America included a broken boat, shot at, and left with no food, and being sent back from shore.  Keeping the faith, they continued to sail until they arrived in America on Thanksgiving Day to celebrate their freedom.
4.  de Groat, Diane.  2001. We Gather Together...Now Please Get Lost!  New York:  SeaStar 
          Books.  ISBN:  1587170957.  (Grades 1-4).
   Late for school one morning, Gilbert has to partner up with tattle-telling Philip.  While learning about the life of the Pilgrims in Pilgrim Town, Gilbert wishes that Philip would get lost.  Gilbert finds himself locked in the restroom and Philip comes to his rescue.
   A fantasy book written and illustrated with watercolor pictures,  by Diane de Groat, that brings the animals to life with a message of 'be careful what you wish for'.
5.  Greenwood, Barbara.  1999.  A Pioneer Thanksgiving A Story of Harvest Celebrations in 
          1841.  Illus. by Heather Collins.  Canada: Kids Can Press Ltd.  (Grades 2-5).
      This nonfiction book continues the story of the Roberston family as they to celebrate the harvesting of their crops in 1841 and prepare for the time of Thanksgiving.  Along with the story, recipes and how to make instructions are included for such Thanksgiving items as cranberry sauce and how to make a corn doll.
     Beautiful black and white pictures perfectly illustrate the time period.
6.  Hines, Gary.  2003.  Thanksgiving in the White House.  Illus. by Alexander Wallner.   New
              York:  Henry Holt & Company.  ISBN: 080506530X.  (Grades 1-4).
    Young Tad Lincoln, son of President Lincoln, tries to safe the life of his tame turkey, who is destined to be the main course, at Thanksgiving in this fictionalized story.  Go back in time and learn how Thanksgiving became a National Holiday in 1863.
7.  Jackson, Alison.  2002.  I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie.  Illus. by Judith Byron
             Schachner.  New York: Turtleback.  ISBN: 0606255745.  (Grades 1-4).
     This delightful story of a Thanksgiving guest who swallows a dry pie.  Low and behold she also swallows a roll, turkey, pot, and a ten-layer cake.  The ever expanding lady adds to the Thanksgiving holiday spirit by making a surprise visit as a Thanksgiving Parade Balloon.
8.  McCully, Emily Arnold.  1998.   An Outlaw Thanksgiving.  New York: 
           Dial Books.  ISBN: 0803721986.  (Grades 1-4).
     Clara Maher and her mother are stranded while taking a train from Chicago to Utah, in 1896, to meet her father.  They take the kind offer of Mr. Jones to travel, by sleigh, to Brown's Hole to have a Thanksgiving feast.  Clara recognizes one of the guests as Butch Cassidy, who ends up giving her a silver dollar, but doesn't say a word about it to her mother.  After the snow clears, Clara and her mother return to the train to complete their trip.
    The beautiful illustrations, by Caldecott winner McCully, in watercolor and tempera are a perfect match for this fictional story based on a real stories from Brown's Park. 
9.  Pilkey, Dav.  1990.   'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving.  New York: Orchard Books. 
          ISBN:  0531085058.  (Grades 1-3).
   'Twas the day before Thanksgiving' and the school children were excited to go to visit a farm. After arriving at Mack Nuggett's farm the eight children were greeted and introduced to eight little turkeys. Once the children learn of Farmer Nuggett's plan, they sneak the turkey's under their shirts and take them safely home.
    Bright, vivid watercolor pictures with pencil add to this poetic rhyming tale of how people and even Turkey's are thankful. 
10.  Rockwell, Anne.  1999.  Thanksgiving Day.  Illus. by Lizzy Rockwell.  New York: Harper 
           Collins Publishers.  ISBN:  0060283882. (Grades 1-3).
    Through this picture book, we follow a Mrs. Madoff class as they learn about the First Thanksgiving.   Wonderful color illustrations of the children making Pilgrim hats and Indian headbands and sailing the Mayflower as they stand up and tell what they are thankful for along said the story being told by the teacher.
     This story is research based and the illustrated costumes of the children are inspired from real children.
11.  Ruelle, Karen Gray.  1999.  The Thanksgiving Beast Feast.  New York: Holiday House.
            ISBN: 0823415112.  (Grades 1-4).
      Harry and  Emily, cats, learn about the first Thanksgiving and plan to prepare their own beast or 'best' feast for the other animals in the neighborhood.  Harry and Emily have placed cranberries, pine nuts and peanuts outside so the other animals could feast as well.  
      This beginner chapter book is an easily read because the words are in big print.   
12.  Smith, Anne Warren.  2003.  Turkey Monster Thanksgiving.  Illinois:  Albert Whitman
        & Company.  ISBN:  0807581259. (Grades 2-5).
      A heart-warming story of a divorced family trying to be normal as can be.  Katie, a fourth grader and her little brother, Tyler tries to live life the best they can with their father.  Her perfect neighbor, Claire starts describing what Thanksgiving is like at her house and it makes Katie wonder if they can have a nice Thanksgiving instead of lounging around in pajamas until noon and making pizza to eat. Not only does Day have to work, but Katie also invited her teacher to dinner.
     This fast paced novel, a great read-aloud, is sure to touch the hearts of everyone who reads it.  It will make you become Thankful!
13.  Willey, Margaret.  1998.  Thanksgiving with Me.  Illus. by Lloyd Bloom.  New York:  Harper 
        Collins Publishers.  ISBN:  0060271132. (Grades 1-4). 
   This rhyming picture book is about a girl, who is has been waiting for her uncles to arrive for Thanksgiving.  She begs her mother to describe what life was like with her uncles when they were younger as she sits staring out the window patiently.     
14.  Delton, Judy.  1988.  Pee Wee Scouts: Peanut Butter Pilgrims.  New
             York:  Yearling Books.  ISBN: 044040066X.  (Grades 1-4).
    The Pee Wee Scouts celebrate Thanksgiving by helping provide the poor with food baskets, visiting a turkey farm, and preparing to put on a Thanksgiving play for the whole town.
15.  Harness, Cheryl.  1995.  Three Young Pilgrims.  New York:  Aladdin
            Paperbacks.  ISBN:  0689802080.  (Grades 1-4).
     This book recounts the hardships and living conditions that Mary, Remember and Bartholomew experienced as they traveled to America on board the Mayflower and describes what life was like during the early 1620s.
16.  McGovern, Ann.  1993.  The Pilgrims' First Thanksgiving.  Illus. by Elroy
            Freem.  New York:  Scholastic.  ISBN: 0590461885. (Grades 1-4).
   This chapter book describes Pilgrim life and struggles as they celebrated the first three-day Thanksgiving feast.   
17.  Waters, Kate.  1996.  Samuel Eaton's Day: A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim
            Boy.  Illus. by Russ Kendall.  New York:  Scholastic.  ISBN: 
            0590480537.  (Grades 1-4).
    This book gives the account of young Samuel Eaton as he learns how to work in order to help harvest the grain crops.  Take a walk in his shoes as he interacts with his family and the Indians.
18.  Waters, Kate.  1993.  Sarah Morton's Day: A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim
            Girl.  Illus. by Russ Kendall.  New York: Scholastic.  ISBN: 
            0590474006.  (Grades 1-4).
    This book describes what life was like for a young girl, in 1620s, as she  helps with the household chores, prepares the food, and gets a new stepfather.

19.  Kessel. Joyce K. 2003.  Squanto and the first Thanksgiving.  Illus. by Lisa
            Donze.  New York: Bt. Books.  ISBN: 0613636546.  (Grades 1-4).
    This book follows Squanto, from being captured and sold as a slave to becoming a free man.  After returning to American, he instructs the Pilgrims in Plymouth, Massachusetts on how to grow crops, hunt animals and build warmer houses. 
20.  Water, Kate.  1996.  Tapenum's Day: A Wampanoag Indian Boy in
             Pilgrim Times.  Illus. by Russ Kendall.  New York: Scholastic. 
             ISBN: 0590202375.  (Grades 1-4).
   This book describes what life was like for a Wampanoag boy during the 1600s.  Through this fictional account, we learn about the Indians homes, food, clothing, and weapons they used.

Pumpkin Books
21.  Cooper, Helen.  1998.  Pumpkin Soup.  New York:  Farrar Straus Giroux.
             ISBN: 0374361649.  (Grades 1-4).
    This delightful verse follows Cat, Squirrel, and Duck as they argue when Duck wants to do the stirring of the soup.  Duck leaves and the others fret over what might happen to him if he doesn't return.  When Duck returns they all rejoice and let him stir the soup.
22.  Gibbons, Gail.  1999.  The Pumpkin Book.  New York:  Holiday House. 
             ISBN:  0823414655.  (Grades 1-4).
      This book talks about all the different kinds of pumpkins, planting and harvesting pumpkins.  The Indians showed the Pilgrims how to plant pumpkins.  We enjoy all different kinds of pumpkin foods at Thanksgiving time. 
      Colorful watercolor illustrations accompany this book which also gives details on how to carve a pumpkin and how to dry pumpkin seeds.  Gibbons has included Pumpkin Facts in the back of the book.
23.  Levenson, George.  1999.  Pumpkin Circle: The Story of a Garden
            Berkely/Toronto:  Tricycle Press.  ISBN: 1582460043.   (Grades 1-4).
     Pumpkin Garden is a delightful rhyming and free verse poetry book about how a pumpkin seed begins its journey into becoming a big orange pumpkin.  "Twisty tendrils grasp like hands stretching out to cling".  "Velvet petals open."
  Big beautiful photographs, by Shmuel Thaler, help complete the story of a pumpkin that has returned to mother nature to only begin again next year.  Pumpkin facts are included at the back of the book.
24.  Ray, Mary Lyn.  1992.  Pumpkins.  Illus. by Barry Root.  San Diego: 
             Voyager Books.  ISBN: 0152522522.  (Grades 1-4).
    Once upon a time...there was a man.  In this picture book, a man falls in love with a field outside his front door.  In order to keep the field from being sold, the man sold almost everything he had.  It wasn't enough. The man planted pumpkins in the field to sell.  At harvest time, the man sold the pumpkins to people from around the world.  He received enough money to buy the field and replace things he had earlier sold.
25.  Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth.  2002.  Pumpkin Day!  New York: Marshall
            Cavendish.  ISBN:  0761451285.  (Grade 1-4).
      This is the story of Trudy and Jack and how they spent the day picking pumpkins from Pumpkin Hollow Farm.  We follow them throughout the farm learning pumpkin facts, pumpkin jokes, and pumpkin recipes.
      Wallace has chosen to illustrate her book with velvet cut-out pictures using origami and found paper. 
26.  White, Linda.  1996.  Too Many Pumpkins.  Illus. by Megan Lloyd.  New
            York: Holiday House.  ISBN:  0823412458.  (Grade 1-4). 
   Rebecca Estelle grew up hating pumpkins because that is all her family had to eat when she was young for a while.  Now Rebecca, an old gray-haired lady, has found herself with pumpkins growing in her yard.  She proceeds to get rid of them, but the pumpkins continue to grow.  She make all sorts of items from the pumpkin pies and invites the community to come and eat.
    This book is illustrated with warm watercolors.

Turkey Books
27.  Balian, Lorna and Lecia Balian.  2003.  Sometimes it's TURKEY -
            sometimes it's FEATHERS.  New York: Star Bright Books. 
            ISBN: 1932065334.    (Grades 1-3).
    Ms. Gumm is delighted when she finds a speckled egg in the woods while hunting for mushrooms.  She takes the egg home and helpd the turkey hatch.  She decides to feed the turkey. "What a big, plump Thanksgiving turkey we will have."  When Ms. Gum brings the turkey to the table, she brings him as a guess.
28.  Bunting, Eve.  1991.  A Turkey For Thanksgiving.  Illus. Diana de Groat.
             New York: Clarion Books.  ISBN:  0899197930.  (Grades 1-4).
     Mr. and Mrs. Moose are preparing for the Thanksgiving feast.  For everything to be perfect Mrs. Moose would like to have a turkey.  Mr. Moose sets out to find turkey and brings him home for the feast.  Children will be delighted to find out that turkey was invited as a guess and not as the main meal.  Bunting brings a delightful fantasy interpretation from the animals' point-of-view about what Thanksgiving is like.
    Diane de Groat has brought realistic watercolor pictures to add to the effect of the picture story book.  The turkey's eye popping expressions, once he was found and desperate pleading looks make you think he is going to be the meal.
29.  Scheer, Julian.  2001.  A Thanksgiving Turkey.  Illus. by Ronald Himler. 
            New York:  Holiday House.  ISBN: 0823416747.  (Grades 1-4).
    This story follows a young boy and his grandfather as they spend time tracking and hunting down a turkey to have for Thanksgiving.  When they finally corner the turkey, they are unable to shoot him.
30.  Wheeler, Lisa.  2002.  Turk and Runt.  Illus. by Frank Ansley.  New
               York:  Atheneum Books for Young Readers.  ISBN: 0689847610.  (Grades 1-4).
     This is the story of two brothers, who are turkeys.  Turk, the big, fat turkey and Runt, the skinny, puny turkey.  Turk shows off in order to get selected by guests coming to the farm to get their turkey dinner for Thanksgiving.  Runt informs the family what the people will be doing, "but no one ever listened to Runt."  He spoils Turk's chances of getting picked. When Runt is finally picked, Turk realized that he's in trouble and helps rescues him.  At Christmas time, the family decides on listening to Runt and they hide inside a snowman.
Crafts and Riddles
31.  Boyds Mills Press.  1996.  175 East-to-Do Thanksgiving Crafts
               Edited by Sharon Dunn Umnik.  Honesdale, Pennsylvania: Bell Books.  ISBN: 156397374X.  (Grades K-4).
    This book is a craft book that children and teachers will find easy-to-do crafts in for help decorating the classroom.  Included are directions for making cards, wreaths, wall hangings, photo frames, and pilgrim masks.  Bright colored illustrations and simple short directions make this book easy-to-follow.
32.  Hall, Katy and Lisa Elsenberg.  2002.  Turkey Riddles.  Illus. by Kristin
            Sorra.  New York:  Dial Books.  ISBN:  0803725302.  (Grades 1-4).
    "What happens when Tom Turkey stepped up to the plate?  He hit a fowl ball."  Hall has collected over 30 Turkey Holiday riddles to tickle your funny bones as you sit around the Thanksgiving table enjoying your meal. 
33.  Ross, Kathy.  1995.  Crafts for Thanksgiving.  Illus. by Sharon Lane
            Holm.  Brookfield, Connecticut:  Millbrook Press. 
            ISBN:  1562945351.  (Grades 1-4).
    This book is a book of crafts that can be done by children the week before Thanksgiving.  Children can learn how to make Indian Corn Kernel Magnets, a pumpkin centerpiece, or Indian headband napkin rings. 
    All of the crafts are simple to make with colorful illustrations, by Sharon Lan Holm, that show the crafts look at during the process of putting them together and what the finished project looks like.